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Drittmittelgeförderte Forschungsprojekte

The Many Faces of Late Socialism. The Individual in the 'Eastern Bloc', 1953-1988

Finanzierung: UoC Advanced Postdoc Grant (09/2015-03/2017)

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Maike Lehmann
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter: Sebastian Lambertz
Studentische Hilfskraft: Andrea Thubauville

Kontakt: uoc-manyfaces(at)uni-koeln.de

How did individuals, who grew up under state socialism, experience and, in turn, influence what we now call Late Socialism? Traditionally, individuals figured prominently in narratives about state socialism’s repressive character. While persecuted dissidents represented the ideal of the unfaltering, independent mind (Žižek 1999) at the time, people like Jan Palach burning himself in protest against Soviet intervention 1969 or the almost 10 million individuals joining Solidarność in 1981 are also firmly integrated into today’s narrative of Central Eastern Europe’s inevitable return to the fold of the free world... [mehr]